My name is Sam and I'm a 25 year old lazy girl from Ohio, hoping to turn myself into a hottie before it's too late! I currently work 3 jobs while I try to find my place in the working world. It's hectic and a little discouraging at times but I would love to use a blog to gather a community of friends and followers to help motivate and inspire me to live a better, more fulfilled life!

A glossary of beings you may read about here:
Chaz - Chaz is my hilarious, talented, smart, and cute boyfriend fiancé! We live together in a cute little apartment with our two cats! We have been together for three years (got engaged on our 3 year anniversary!) and are as happy as clams.

Weezer & Pixel - Our two cats! We had a dog for two weeks but things didn't work out with her so we thought it would be best to give her back to the animal shelter we adopted her from :( So we searched for a while and decided we wanted to adopt two Maine Coon brother cats, who we named Pixel and Weezer. Pixel has a black dot on his face like a pixel on a screen, so Chaz (n3rd) named him. I called Weezer "Lil' Weezy" one day and am not fond of Lil' Wayne but was fond of the name, so his true name became Weezer.
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Do you follow back?
Most likely, yes! Please feel free to ask me to check out your blog. My mission with my own blog is mainly to make friends, so don't be shy!

When did you start blogging?
I actually have been blogging for a lot of my life, off and on. It started mainly with XANGA! Do you remember Xanga?! Xanga got me hooked on the internet and hooked on doing layouts and web design. I haven't done that stuff in a long time, so this layout is from someone else with lots of tweaking from myself, sadly :( Maybe someday I will start making my own again; I do miss it!

Why don't you talk about ______?
I try to talk about as much as I can think of but if you have suggestions for things I should review or check out and blog about, please be sure to leave a comment or send me an email: simple.little.something@gmail.com
I am always looking for new challenges and new things to try!

What do you do besides blogging?
I work for a concert venue production company where I post on their Facebook page about all of the upcoming concerts. I also work at a small grocery market a few days a week and have been there for almost 4 years! I enjoy Netflix, snuggling with my boyfriend and kitties, doing crafts, sudoku, playing video games, riding bikes, eating chocolate, and being lazy most of the time, whoops!

What brought you to Blogspot/Blogger?
Xanga seems to be dead these days and I wanted a place where I feel like my posts wouldn't get lost quickly (like they do on Tumblr) but that was active enough and widely accepted on many other people's blogs so I could hopefully get some exposure to other blogs and hopefully bring traffic to my own!

What else should we know about you?
I try to have an open mind most of the time and I am open to new things and new people. I type A LOT sometimes instead of getting to the point quickly, which can be annoying. I am definitely still a kid at heart so my posts could very easily be Pokemon or Adventure Time related if I so please! But most of all, I would love to be your friend!

Good Hair Day Dilemma = SOLVED
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 @ 6:40 PM
When Mom came home from work today, she came into my room and said that I looked nice! In my sweatpants and hoodie?! She said my hair looked nice, so I went to look and by golly, it DOES look nice today! So I decided since Chaz (he's my boyfriend <3) just texted me and said he might be coming over to see me later, I thought I would get my workout for the day out of the way. BUT, I didn't want to get all sweaty, being that my hair looks awesome, so I did a set of ab workouts from this sheet that I've had forever that I ripped out of a Real Simple magazine (LOVE that mag, by the way. Definitely check it out). It says to do 2 sets but I was feeling it REALLY bad from just the first one (I don't do ab workouts very often, so I will bare with this until I am stronger), so I'll start out slow and easy and work my way to more reps another day, not on a good hair day! But at least I got a decent little workout in for today. I'm hoping to make a post in the future about ways to fit in a workout when you just can't get to the gym or aren't really feeling up to it, but you don't want to miss out on exercising each day. You don't have to go hard all the time. Take it easy occasionally in order to stay motivated. I'm gonna go stretch out on the floor and finish writing this LAST paper of the quarter so I can spend time with Chaz when he gets here :)

Here's the sheet from Real Simple. You do each of them 10 or so times each for a set:

OH! I also set up my Excel workbook! I'll post that another time though.



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