My name is Sam and I'm a 25 year old lazy girl from Ohio, hoping to turn myself into a hottie before it's too late! I currently work 3 jobs while I try to find my place in the working world. It's hectic and a little discouraging at times but I would love to use a blog to gather a community of friends and followers to help motivate and inspire me to live a better, more fulfilled life!

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Chaz - Chaz is my hilarious, talented, smart, and cute boyfriend fiancé! We live together in a cute little apartment with our two cats! We have been together for three years (got engaged on our 3 year anniversary!) and are as happy as clams.

Weezer & Pixel - Our two cats! We had a dog for two weeks but things didn't work out with her so we thought it would be best to give her back to the animal shelter we adopted her from :( So we searched for a while and decided we wanted to adopt two Maine Coon brother cats, who we named Pixel and Weezer. Pixel has a black dot on his face like a pixel on a screen, so Chaz (n3rd) named him. I called Weezer "Lil' Weezy" one day and am not fond of Lil' Wayne but was fond of the name, so his true name became Weezer.
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Most likely, yes! Please feel free to ask me to check out your blog. My mission with my own blog is mainly to make friends, so don't be shy!

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I actually have been blogging for a lot of my life, off and on. It started mainly with XANGA! Do you remember Xanga?! Xanga got me hooked on the internet and hooked on doing layouts and web design. I haven't done that stuff in a long time, so this layout is from someone else with lots of tweaking from myself, sadly :( Maybe someday I will start making my own again; I do miss it!

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I try to talk about as much as I can think of but if you have suggestions for things I should review or check out and blog about, please be sure to leave a comment or send me an email: simple.little.something@gmail.com
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I work for a concert venue production company where I post on their Facebook page about all of the upcoming concerts. I also work at a small grocery market a few days a week and have been there for almost 4 years! I enjoy Netflix, snuggling with my boyfriend and kitties, doing crafts, sudoku, playing video games, riding bikes, eating chocolate, and being lazy most of the time, whoops!

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Xanga seems to be dead these days and I wanted a place where I feel like my posts wouldn't get lost quickly (like they do on Tumblr) but that was active enough and widely accepted on many other people's blogs so I could hopefully get some exposure to other blogs and hopefully bring traffic to my own!

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I try to have an open mind most of the time and I am open to new things and new people. I type A LOT sometimes instead of getting to the point quickly, which can be annoying. I am definitely still a kid at heart so my posts could very easily be Pokemon or Adventure Time related if I so please! But most of all, I would love to be your friend!

Easton Haul!
Saturday, March 1, 2014 @ 12:09 AM
Today was great! I woke up and Chaz and I had to go to my work (PromoWest Productions) to get my little black purse that I left there, that of course had my wallet with all of my important stuff in it. Picked that up quickly then we headed to Easton and spent most of the day there together because we both had the day off (surprising for a Friday, at least for him. I'm always off on Fridays, hehe!).

First we had DELICIOUS P.F. Changs for lunch because I had a $25 gift card from one of my dogsitting jobs. Lunch menu was cheap so we paid less than $5 for lunch for the both of us. We were clean platers, which I'm happy about cause I hate carrying leftovers around when I'm shopping, UGH.
Then we headed to LUSH Cosmetics, one of my favorite stores. The people are always so nice and knowledgeable about all of the products and have great suggestions. I went in just looking to buy a bath bomb or two and I ended up buying/leaving with:
  • two bath bombs
  • Ro's Argon (been wanting for a while)
  • a Charity Pot
  • a take-home sample of Ocean Salt (another favorite that I still can't buy until I finish my Rub Rub Rub lol. I PROMISED MYSELF!)
  • a FREE subscription to their catalog in the mail, yay!
So needless to say, there was almost $60 gone when I was only looking to spend about $10, whoops...

Next we stopped into Bath & Body Works cause I got an email saying that their Wallflower refills were only $3 TODAY ONLY (of course, they have these sales all the time but I wanted to stock up on some more Springy scents before it starts getting warm out *whenever that will be...*) so Chaz helped my pick out SEVEN of them omg, overboard but we couldn't help it and I'm excited for our apartment to keep on smelling delicious! About $18 spent here...

Then we went into PacSun because we both still had gift cards we needed to spend. Of course I ended up leaving mine in my other wallet in my car (nooo :( ) but the awesome Vans sweatshirt I bought was on 70% OFF clearance for $14, so I still would have to come back to use it, as Chaz tried to justify for me cause he's a sweetie and knew I was bummed about forgetting my gift card lol... Chaz on the other hand spent $67 on top of the $50 gift card he had (which still blows my mind) on so much cute stuff. But he looks cute in everything ;) PLUS he got some new cologne so that's exciting as well cause I looove when I get to breathe in his smellies :D Anyway, I'll be back for you, PacSun, with gift card in hand!!

We hit up H&M next and I found a cute grey shirt to wear while exercising that I really like for $10 and Chaz got some more cute stuff like suspenders, a vest (he's been DYING for a puffy one), and sunglasses (he keeps losing his in the ocean? That was his excuse haha. WE LIVE IN OHIO, SILLY MAN!)

Lastly, we went to Forever 21 which is a store that I love but I really need to lose weight so I can fit into their regular sized clothes better, UGH. So to help with that I spent $63 on:
  • a hot pink sports bra
  • a some-what see through black long sleeve shirt to sweat in
  • 3 camis
  • compression pants for when we start riding bikes again and for everything else
  • a couple of extra things for some friends who had birthdays recently ;)
All in all, an AMAZING haul today, I'm really happy about getting things that I like and not limiting myself too much because I don't really shop for clothes or things that make me feel good very often so I'm excited to be back home with clothes that will help me on my fitness journey and good smellies to keep my mind clear(..er than usual, hopefully haha).

Above is a picture of what I got, with one of our cats Weezer looking a little unimpressed.

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